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Quick Facts

Address and Telephone Number

6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway, Harrogate, TN 37752
423.869.3611 or 800.325.0900

LMU was founded on February 12, 1897, as a living memorial to Abraham Lincoln. For more detailed information about the history of LMU, check our Heritage and Mission.

Location & Campus
LMU is located in Harrogate, Tennessee, where Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia merge at the Cumberland Gap, approximately 55 miles north of Knoxville, Tennessee. We are proud of our beautiful, historic, 1,000-acre wooded campus with 43 academic, administrative, and residential buildings. We are also proud to offer many off-campus sites for our students

Enrollment (Fall 2023, on- and off-campus)
5805 (1,605 undergraduates; 4,200 graduate and professional students)
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Over 75% of full-time faculty teaching in bachelor degree programs hold the doctorate or the highest degree available in the field.

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Lincoln Memorial University Railsplitters are affiliated with NCAA Division II athletics.

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Costs (2024-2025)
Undergraduate Tuition: $26,450 per year
Room/Board: $9,682/year (based on Liles and West, Meal Plan #1)
Total cost for a full-time, residential, undergraduate student: $33,860
For graduate and professional programs' tuition, visit their respective sections of our website

Financial Aid
A private college education at LMU is a fantastic value. Nearly 65 percent of students receive some type of financial assistance. The school awards scholarships as well as federal and state assistance.


For information about the accreditation of Lincoln Memorial University, please click here.

Off-Campus Sites
In keeping with its mission, Lincoln Memorial University is committed to serving students of the Appalachian region and beyond. Technology extends the institution's reach simply and effectively to a great number of off-site graduate and undergraduate students. Locations of the off-campus sites and the programs offered at each can be found on the Off-Campus Sites page. LMU's off-campus sites are located in Chattanooga & Knoxville, TN; in Corbin, KY; and Tampa, FL.

Little-Known Fun Facts

  • Grant-Lee Hall Ghost: Constructed as the luxurious Sanitarium of the Four Seasons Hotel in the 1890s, Grant-Lee Hall burned in 1904 and again in 1950. Stories are told of a woman in a red dress who appears and knocks on doors in the residence hall. Some say that she is trying to warn residents to escape before those historic fires destroy the building!
  • Spring House Origins: In the 1930s, the Spring House was located in the nearby community of Tiprell, Tennessee. LMU students themselves relocated the Spring House, stone by stone, to its present location on our campus.
  • Lincoln's Footsteps: LMU was founded in 1897, three decades after President Lincoln's death; he never saw the campus. However, it was founded to fulfill Lincoln's wishes to thank the residents of East Tennessee for their support during the Civil War, and to create a university for them. The memory of Abraham Lincoln definitely lives on at Lincoln Memorial University!
  • Campus Landmark: The Conservatory Tower is what remains of one of LMU's early campus buildings. The original Conservatory was the home of Colonel A. A. Arthur. Later, it housed the music program.